The last chance?

The following five formal objectives for the Comission for Africa were agreed at the first meeting in May 2004:
1. To generate new ideas and action for a strong and prosperous Africa, using the 2005 British presidencies of the G8 and the European Union as a platform;
2. To support the best of existing work on Africa, in particular the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) and the African Union, and help ensure this work achieves its goals;
3. To help deliver implementation of existing international commitments towards Africa;
4. To offer a fresh and positive perspective for Africa and its diverse culture in the 21st century, which challenges unfair perceptions and helps deliver changes; and
5. To understand and help fulfil African aspirations for the future by listening to Africans

"…Africa is a wonderful, diverse continent with an extraordinary, energetic and resilient people. But it is also plagued with problems so serious that no continent could tackle them on its own (...)"
(....) Climate change is a global problem that needs addressing now for the sake of future generations. The science is well established and the dangers clear (…)”

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair

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