The death of Neda Agha-Soltan has become an iconic voice (and Neda means voice in parsi) and image for this iranian "revolution". An innocent young woman, beautiful as only persian women can be in the words of Marco Polo, lost her life by the hands of a regime that holds its own survival as most sacred.
The power of image and technology struck this dreadful moment as a symbol of a fair fight for truth, justice and democracy. Iran, at its 30th Islamic Revolution anniversary, stands on a turning point that can define its future and the whole Middle East.
Our thoughts and prayers for Neda, and the iranians, must come with the changes they urgently need.
"Don't be afraid Neda", said her music teacher that was with her in those final minutes. We must not be afraid. We must choose hope over fear. We must stand for truth over lies. We dare to speak life over death.