Cities for tomorrow

Being our cities living forms, their shaping has often changed them into non-friendly areas. Many of us feel and live the many mistakes made, shifting the true idea of community and balance. Cities should be for people, not just for cars and money. The way so many citizens badly live are bound to the way their towns and cities are wrongly built among bad planning and no strategy that brings inadequate solutions of housing and traffic, and therefore a society daily stressed in messy polluted urbanity with problematic social issues.
Obviously not every town or city is a problem, but the different levels of growth and policies has produced many questions of what and how the way we should live in the future.
Every year the world population is gathered more and more into urban communities. Trying to fix the problems existing today from this intense migration, new ideas of thinking and achieving better solutions for the creation of a new paradigm of living and working together in such a space is essential.
The dynamics of this large structure can be designed with projects that respect people and land, following principles of conceptual planning, equilibrium and fairness. In effect, with the purpose of designing for the common good, cities must be much more than places to sleep and work, they must be true places of life, of play, of nature. They can be energetic and biologically sustainable, and upon technological solutions already at reach. Cities can become spaces of interaction and human integration built with urban planning and policies that may be seen as utopian but are achievable with the right ideas and actions.
We must envision a society that can change and be changed, not for the sake of some sinister ideology but by the undeniable fact that as humans coexisting with one another and the nature around us, we have the power to enhance our quality of life, we have to ensure ways of preserving our memory and expanding to a brighter future, we can make a better and sustainable development for all. Creativity and strategic objectives can make us better citizens. The cities for tomorrow are already in planning.

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