A new kind of Government

To be quite honest and direct, the outcome of a coalition government held by the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democratic Party seems, not necessarily the best, but as the only way forward. The past days showed us much of the pros and cons of all hipothesis. Changing the electoral and political system has become even more urgent.

As I always believed, Labour had already sentenced is fate and had no other way out than to stay out. Gordon Brown left Number 10 with dignity. If David Miliband presents his much desired candidacy for leadership, it might seem too late, but it's an obvious outcome of inner political strategy.

The LibDem result was a frustrating surprise. But my support for Nick Clegg continues, as I believe in his political views and his honesty, a leader who will do his best to carry out the changes needed to build a fairer future for the United Kingdom, trying to avoid too many right-wing policies that float around the Tories minds.

Politics is an art of compromise, and pulling out the best of ideas in a diverse and plural project is in fact a new cornerstone for a new kind of government. And - lets hope - must be achieved by this team lead by David Cameron and Nick Clegg.