A fresh start

Where we stand today
It is time for something different. Not a cliché that almost every party shouts out, but truely a belief that difference can be possible this time. These last years have brought too many reasons for effective change to happen, the absolute need to turn things around in order to clean up politics and ensure a better future.
Entering the second decade of the 21st Century gave us an insight that the world changes ever more faster and the present methods aren't powerfull enough to make things better.

No more Gordon
Labour with its current leadership hasn't anything more to offer, because 10+3 years is enough. Blair and Brown gave Britain a new stand in Europe and the world, an exciting appeal, a brand new vision opposite of the Thatcher years, redistributive tax credits, doubled spending on the NHS, the minimum wage. But the fall of Labour became clear with the illegal Iraq war from then on, despite the recognised effort of Gordon Brown towards the world economic and financial breakdown.
Looking back we can see that Gordon failed as Prime-Minister. Indeed it started with high expectations but along these three years he gave too much evidence of weakness at home opposed to world leadership. But in the end, what matters is the job at Downing Street and what the Number 10 occupier can, and must, do for the country, for everyone living in the UK. And it is obvious that what lies ahead cannot be faced by the Labour party because they have no solutions and working projects for the future. Labour lost its chance by not being able to refresh its leadership.

A Tory illusion of change
And that it is also why neither the Conservatives have what it takes to improve the UK. David Cameron wants to brake Broken Britain by braking it another way. Big Society might seem a nice idea, but it feels a demagocic talk with no true consequence in every day life. They might look green but they have among them anti-climate change members. Their anti-Europe claims have been charmed by the Euro/Greece crisis, but it only represents a wrong position of the importance of the EU for the UK because they both need eachother in this new Europe. And what the expenses scandal brought last year doesn't seem enough for them to change the functionality of british politics, with no reform of the way the country should work better.
Cameron seems a nice chap, made his way up in five years of opposition but, as we can see in every poll, he hasn't done enough to make people trust him. The Conservative Party has old thinking with modern looks. They say they are change, with them in power change would come but not in the way to give a real choice of better change. They are selling an illusion of change.

A fresh start
The "change" label is only reliable with a different way of politics and project, attitude and ideas, hope and fairness. Only a strategic vision can be a solution for the future. By acknowledging the flaws of yesterday and understanding the realities of today, building a new way of thinking and working can achieve the chances for a better tommorow.
It is no utopian talk, things can be made different with a new set of ideas and challenges that only the Liberal Democrats present.
The LibDems feel with accuracy that this election is a huge opportunity to reform the electoral system, to bring transparent and fair tools into politics, reflecting on how the country should and must work upon. The LibDems always had green policies, even before other parties. They believe in education as a true value. They are for a new nuclear-weapon tactical policy. The LibDems are European.
Nick Clegg is a new and fresh hope to ensure political reform, fair taxes, social mobility, sustainable economic growth. A good future for the United Kingdom can only be shaped with 21st Century policies and only the Liberal Democrats have the transformative ideas, trust and the will to make it happen.

On 6 May vote Liberal Democrats