Why Sarah Palin is so hot

TIME by Brian Adams / Rapport

Sarah Palin has as much visual appeal as she does not have political substance. Having said that, however, it does not mean she hasn't political importance. Her impact in the 2008 presidential campaign endures, even though half of us hardly stand the thoughts she embraces.
I appreciate the fact that in the political world dominated by men, Sarah Palin has earned voice and stature by her own struggle, resilience and energy. But being good looking is in her case just a pretty wrap for a package that is politically akward, populist, past-thinking, incoherent, sometimes ignorant. If 2012 comes with Sarah Palin as a GOP presidential candidate, it will be more of the same disbelief and wrongthinking politicians that induce people in false ideas and bad strategies. Her views are, as she is, too hot to handle. She is in opposition to almost all of President Obama's social issues, environmental views, international positions, and that for me means plenty.
Sarah Palin is fresh, new, rogue - as she so frequently defines herself. But she's a bad issue such as she is an ever increasing desirable woman by the media and many conservatives.
This all may seem a sexist point of view, but in the end Sarah Palin is a political mistake.