“What does a good graphic designer need to know?”

"Designers need to be students of all corners of their culture’s playing field. Designers need to have a sense of business. Designers need to have a sense of politics. Designers need to have a sense of stereotypes. Designers need to have a sense of religion, philosophy, current events and history. Designers need to have a sense of urban lifestyles, agrarian lifestyles, and minority lifestyles. Designers need have a sense of conservative viewpoints. Designers need to understand liberal viewpoints. Designers need to be aware of what is like growing up in a trailer park, and what is like living in gated communities with irrigation that waters professional landscaping via digital timers.

Designers need a lot of common sense. In short, effective graphic designers need to be able to be sensible and conscious of different viewpoints, and different styles of language (verbal and non-verbal) within their culture and the types of mindsets that speak them. Furthermore, graphic designers then need to draw from their body of knowledge and experience, and employ it to cleverly, shrewdly, and creatively solve the problems graphic designers are challenged to confront.

And that common sense is free to all who have the passion – or at least, the wherewithal – to seek it, but priceless when obtained."

Todd Roeth, Assistant Professor, Graphic Design / Art Department

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